Comprehensive Plan 2030

Allen's Comprehensive Plan is getting an update! Learn more about this process and how you can participate at Engage Allen.

Allen’s Vision for the Future

The Allen we know and love today is the direct result of previous planning efforts by residents, business owners, City staff and elected officials. These planning efforts are expressed in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document and plan adopted by the City Council that establishes a vision for the City, provides policy guidance for growth and development and contains strategies for implementing the vision.

On October 14, 2014, the City Council unanimously approved a comprehensive plan update to re-examine how the City will continue to grow and develop over the next fifteen to twenty years. The plan is a direct result of input from residents and business owners participating in a conversation about Allen’s future. Feedback and creative ideas were received though the AllenIdeas online interactive website.

The Allen 2030 Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy guide and vision for the future of the community. The plan establishes goals and strategies in areas such as land uses, transportation, housing, economic development, parks, community facilities and infrastructure.

Stay Updated

The Allen 2030 Comprehensive Plan will be reviewed periodically and updated as needed. Every two years the City Council receives a Progress Report summarizes implementation of the Plan. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Marc Kurbansade, AICP, Director of Community Development at 214.509.4162.

Comprehensive Plan

  • Introduction - This chapter provides a summary of the planning process, public participation and existing conditions. This information forms the basis for identifying issues and developing goals and objectives for the future.
  • Community Livability - Quality of life is directly impacted by community facilities, parks, recreation programs, public infrastructure, community appearance and environmental quality. Goals and strategies for each of these is included in this chapter.
  • Mobility- Dependence on the automobile requires the construction and maintenance of an effective and safe roadway system. At the same time, there is growing interest in alternatives including public transit, biking and walking. This chapter lays out strategies for balancing these needs and implementing multi-modal transportation.
  • Land Use and Design - The value, quality and functionality of the built environment requires equal attention to both land uses and design. This chapter outlines policies for a desirable mix of land uses as well as design principles to guide development.
  • Growth Strategy - Development of the remaining vacant land will further shape Allen’s identity. This development provides an opportunity to balance and diversify the community’s land uses for current and future residents, and create high quality, distinctive places. This chapter describes in detail, concepts for developing the remaining growth areas.
  • Appendix A - A summary of the public input gathered for the Comprehensive Plan.

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