Municipal Court

What can you do online?

  1. Case Information - Get information about the status of your case.
  2. Citation Options - Check your options.
  3. Driving Safety Course - Request, if eligible, to take a Driving Safety Course.
  4. Deferred Disposition - Request, if eligible, for Deferred Disposition (Probation).
  5. Online Submission - Submit a document, request a court appearance or reset a scheduled court date.
  6. Online Payment - Make a payment.
If you are a juvenile, or have been cited for an alcohol or tobacco-related offense, or charged with assault family violence and have not entered a plea, you are required by law to personally appear in court. Please verify the status of your case.

Hearings and Mandatory Court Appearance

All defendants and witnesses set for a virtual hearing or trial will appear virtually. Limited in-person courtroom proceedings are available upon request. All proceedings before the Judge, whether virtual or in-person, are open for observation by the general public in the courtroom. Any member of the public attending, or wishing to observe a proceeding, will be screened by the Bailiff and must follow current health protocols prior to entry.

How do I observe a court proceeding?

All appearances before the Judge, whether in-person or virtual, are open for observation by the general public in the courtroom. Non-litigants wishing to observe proceedings will be screened by the Bailiff and must follow current health protocols prior to entry into the courtroom.

About Allen Municipal Court

The Allen Municipal Court has jurisdiction over Class C Misdemeanor criminal cases committed within the city limits in which the punishment upon conviction is fine only (not to exceed $500) and no jail sentence may be assessed. The court may also hear cases involving a violation of city ordinances relating to fire, safety, zoning, public health or sanitation which may have fines up to $2,000.00 for certain offenses.

Responsibilities of the court include collection of fines and court costs, processing citations and complaints, maintaining accurate records of all cases and dispositions, and the timely reporting of required statistical data to the appropriate state agencies.

The Municipal Judge may issue search and arrest warrants and performs the duties of a magistrate including the arraignment of individuals that were arrested and detained at the Allen City jail.

The Municipal Court does not have jurisdiction in most civil cases, but have limited civil jurisdiction in cases which involve owners of dangerous dogs.

Did you receive a citation? First, you must make an appearance at the municipal court within 20 working days of the issuance date of the citation and inform the court of how you want to proceed with your case(s). Appearance can be through counsel, by mail, online, or in person. Your options for resolving your case may vary. Click on the "Citation - How to Handle" link to learn more.

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