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H2ome Improvement: Pressure-Reducing Valve Rebate Application


  1. 1. Rebate Program Guidelines
  2. 2. Participant Information
  3. 3. Rebate Program Terms
  • Rebate Program Guidelines

    1. Rebate Program Guidelines
      • Participant must currently own and have a City of Allen water utility account in good standing for the property where installation of qualifying item is to occur. This program is for owner-occupied residents only. Tenant and commercial requests are not eligible.  
      • Residence must not already have a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) installed. Home must have a current pressure over 80psi (per the current City of Allen Water Pressure Map) to be eligible for the PRV rebate. Only PRVs that reduce pressure in the house, not the irrigation system, to 60psi for a one-story house and 70psi for a two-story house are eligible for a rebate. Each resident should carefully consider any suggestions, recommendations or advice given by a licensed registered plumber about changing the water pressure to a home. City of Allen is not responsible for any problems caused by a resident choosing to reduce the pressure in their house by installing a PRV on the water supply to the house, after the irrigation.  
      • Applications must be received within one year of installing a PRV for the house. Rebates are processed in the order they are received on a first-come first-served basis. Incomplete applications will not be processed. All rebates are subject to availability of funds. Please check to ensure funds are available for your rebate.   
      • The PRV rebate amount is $75. Tax not included. Limit one PRV rebate for the lifetime of a residence.
      • No participant shall receive more than $500 in one year from the City of Allen rebate program for any combination of eligible items.  
      • Any PRV must be installed by a licensed plumber that is registered in Allen. A plumbing permit is required to install a PRV and an inspection of completed work will be performed by City of Allen building inspectors prior to a rebate being issued. Plumbing permits are issued at
    2. Rebate Program Instructions*

      Contract a plumber to install a PRV. Submit a rebate application online or by mail with requested copies enclosed. Originals of all copies must be present should an onsite verification occur. If original receipts are not provided or installation of device cannot be verified, the request for rebate will be denied.

      Be sure to enclose or attach the following with your application: